Barcelona, Spain

21st July 2022
Parcmotor Circuit, Castellolí
7:30am- 5:00pm

A truly unique and unforgettable Aston Martin track day experience

There’s no electric here! So let’s delay the E-POCALYPSE, burning our petrol and rubber while we still can!

If you are a Petrolhead you won’t want to miss this opportunity to drive your car or motorcycle on the tracks, join the events by PetrolRevolt and safely enjoy the circuit excitement!

We are a community of Petrol engine lovers dedicated to promote the enjoyment, knowledge, sharing and communion of all machines Petrol powered with people who share the same passion.

Our events are conceived for limited number of participants so we can ensure your safety and return a great experience.

We offer trackdays at Spanish circuits where you will experience the adrenaline of the real speed, indulge in excellent food and get to know like-minded people.

Our VIP events will guarantee you enjoy your day to the full. Because our proposal is not about numbers; it is about quality, safety and bringing you a unique experience, you are a VIP and not simply a Trackday participant.

Our passion for Petrol is contagious!

July 21st 2022 will mark the start of a story we will write together.


4140 meters of asphalt waiting for you and your car (or motorcycle). Come, race and burn off not only tyres but adrenaline!

Do you remember the last time you set aside time for you and your passion?

About the event

The event will comprise 5 rounds of 30 minutes on the track each.

There will be hospitality during the breaks and you will be able to talk to an instructor about how to improve your times and check your car’s condition before the following round.


And this is just starting!

July 21, 2022 Aston Martin Special


PetrolRevolt launching event- Aston Martin Special.
If you treasure an Aston Martin in your garage and have been looking for a chance to enjoy it in a circuit, this is the event for you!


7:30 A.M

Hospitality area


Not much to say. You check-in upon arrival...

Easy, you just check in with your driving licence. So please verify before the event that your licence is still valid and do not forget to take it with you! And while you wait for other people to arrive, you will have time to enjoy a coffee. You will receive a Welcome Pack and will be able to even change into PetrolRevolt’s top!

8:30 A.M

Hospitality area

The Briefing

We will start with the explanation of the rules of the circuit and races...

Then you will be assigned to a group according to your driving skills and the way in which you wish to participate.

There will be two categories:

Group A for this event will allow drivers to overtake on the left side only and along the straights only, never overtaking in corners.

Group B for this event will permit overtaking on the left side only along the straights, and on the outside line around corners. Under no circumstances will overtaking on the entry to a corner and on the inside line, will be permitted.

Both groups are low numbers and drivers will be spaced out, meaning that each participant should enjoy the circuit with bunching up into a group.

In order to provide the safest environment possible, all the groups will receive tailored training to ensure every person is in the right category and has understood the rules.

9:00 A.M


Morning Sessions

Morning sessions

1 sighting session

2 free sessions.

12:00 PM


VIP PARADE- Parade Laps

If you do not wish to take part in the races, but would like...

to enjoy some laps in a more relaxed way, this is your chance. Come and drive behind the safety car and share lunch with us.

12:30 P.M

Hospitality area


Time to refuel...

A brief break to eat, seek your instructor’s advice to enhance your performance on the following rounds and check your car. No need to bring a packed lunch! We will provide the meals!

1:30 P.M to 3:30 P.M


Afternoon sessions

If a change of group should be necessary, it will be done at this stage...

The sessions will carry on like in the morning. 2 sessions per group before closing the day.

3:30 P.M to 4:00 P.M


Track closed for bikes.

4:00 P.M

Hospitality area


Sadly, all good things must come to an end. But as this is...

the start of a joint journey, it will not be a good bye, but a farewell. We hope to have the pleasure of your company in our next adventure.

Meet the team
Mike Beake

Mike Beake


Mike’s unrelenting passion for all things Petrol powered started in 1990 at the age of Sixteen, when he started a technical engineering apprenticeship for the Rover Group, within the engine design and development department.

Read more about Mike

Danny Webb

Danny Webb

Co-Founder/Track Professional

Having Motorcycle and Motorcycle sidecar racing in the family blood, Danny started riding when he was the tender age of 4! Danny’s first race was aged 6 at a local motocross meeting on an automatic 50cc.

Read more about Danny

The future might seem to bring electric cars for all, but the present still offers us the opportunity to enjoy our passion. If you are looking for your next challenge and would like a starring role for you and your car, join us for this unique experience!


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