PetrolRevolt Trackdays are run by Petrolheads for Petrolheads. That’s one reason why our trackdays are always 2 consecutive days, the first for cars, the second for bikes. Enabling the very committed Petrolhead to experience the best circuits on both 2 and 4 wheeled machines – A true petrolheads event, an experience to both look forward to and remember forever. Just want to attend 1 day though?? No problem!

Our events are always at top circuits, offering the best chance of a Blue sky day. We provide a level of hospitality which makes our clients feel they are at a VIP event, and not having to suffer the normal dreary over priced greasy spoon fodder.

We run our groups based on behaviours relating to how each individual wants to circulate whilst out on track, together with how an individual wants to mix with other participants. Super low number groups which are split by, Overtaking by invitation only, Overtaking on the outside only, and the final group ‘whatever happens on the track, stays on the track’. But we stand for no recklessness. Our professional driver and rider coaching will mean each participant circulates safely and to the rewarding limits of each individuals own ability, meaning that crashes and stoppages are what we seek to minimise, therefore maximising track time and enjoyment for everyone.

We manage more than your time on track, from booking and organising travel, to Hotels and even events for significant +1’s, that’s if they didn’t want the passenger seat around the track! We look after your wants and needs to make your experience with us a VIP event, not just a few hours on a track.

We provide basic pit crew cover to keep your vehicle in fine fettle. We can provide logistics to and from the track. Click on the links below to find out more, let us know your bespoke requirements, and we’ll get to work to create your VIP PetrolRevolt trackday event.

Barcelona ParcMotor Circuit

July 21st - Car Day

July 22nd - Motorcycle Day

A modern facility to International standards opened in 2009. Parcmotor is a renowned circuit and complex in Spain located 35 minutes from Barcelona.

The racetrack is a very technical 4,140m long with a mix of 7 right handers and 4 left. The layout is challenging to both Professionals and amateurs featuring breath taking elevation changes, drops, blind corners and two crossovers giving it a unique character. The fantastic garage facilities and hospitality means a trackday at ParcMotor is extremely comfortable and enjoyable.

VIP badge

Almeria full Iberia circuit

Oct 10th - Car Day

Oct 11th - Motorcycle Day

A very special VIP event – The full Iberia circuit which is the combination of the 4.2km Almeria Circuit and the 2.2km Andalusia circuits, now linked, to create the Iberia circuit at 9.2km.

Perhaps one of the best circuits in Europe with undoubtedly the best climate. The 9.2km circuit boasts a main straight length of over 1km, only the mighty Nordschleife is longer! A mix of many right and many left handers, changes in elevation, a fast and flowing circuit. Run-off areas and gravel traps are to international standards, although not much competitive racing takes place at Almeria, it is the testing, training and development circuit of many a MotoGP, WTCC and DTM team. The facility is very well supported by a 300 seater restaurant, fantastic garages and a hotel. A day at the full length Iberia circuit is a VIP bucket list event, never to be forgotten.

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